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We can help you reduce your environmental footprint

Choose Polychem Powder Coating

Polychem powder coatings offer an improved sustainability footprint because:

  • Polychem powder coatings have no Volatile Organic Compounds - there are low/no solvents and therefore no VOC's in powder coatings.
  • A lot of Polychem powder coatings achieve quality protection and great aesthetics in a SINGLE coat.
  • Most Polychem powder coatings do not require a primer.
  • Polychem powder coatings have lower carbon dioxide emissions than liquid coatings - In a life cycle analysis (DSM study), powder coatings were shown to have both lower VOC and lower carbon dioxide emissions than liquid coatings.
  • There is no toxic sludge created during the application of powder coatings, which means no toxic landfill
  • Polychem powder deliver excellent scratch and mar resistance reducing the need for replacements
  • Polychem's sister brand, IFS Coatings, has achieved Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that will contribute to LEED and other sustainability initiatives.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

IFS Coatings, Polychem's sister brand, is proud to have three Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), one for each product in the architectural range.

An EPD is an internationally recognized and standardized document, based on a life cycle assessment, that is used to communicate information about the potential environmental and human health impacts of a product . Similar to a nutritional label, an EPD states what a product is made of and its impacts across the entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal.

Products that have EPDs:

  • IFS 300SP a standard polyester powder that meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2603.
  • IFS 400SD performance powder coatings that meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2604
  • IFS 500FP superior performance powder coatings that meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2605

IFS Coatings' EPDs meet the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Green Building Rating System under the Material Resources credit for Building Product Disclosure and Optimization. The IFS Coatings EPDs can also be used to meet the requirements of other green building ratings programs such BREAM and WELL.

See our EPDs or email us with questions.

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