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AAMA Specifications

All you need to know...

The AAMA specifications, from the FGIA, outline the performance you can expect from your coating.

They cover:

  • Weathering – (color and gloss fade)
  • Mechanical performance
  • Chemical testing and performance

These different performance levels are available in thousands of colors.

Most Polychem products are standard polyester products suitable for interior applications.  Some Polychem colors may be available in super durable or urethane formulations.

Our sister brand, IFS Coatings, can make all colors and effects using Super Durable and Fluoropolymer technology. No matter what your coating needs, we’ve got you covered.

The AAMA 2603 and 2604 weathering requirements are laid out below.

AAMA 2603AAMA 2604
Years exterior weathering15
Weathering – color retention“slight fade”<5 Delta E
Weathering – gloss retention“slight fade”Minimum 30% retention
Weathering – chalk"slight change"No more than 8 rating
Salt spray test1000 hrs. - few blisters1500 hrs. - blisters size 8
Humidity test1500 hrs. - few blisters3000 hrs. - blisters size 8
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