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Product Chemistries

The right chemistry for your application

Polychem Standard Polyester

Our standard polyester powders are an excellent, all purpose coating that will decorate and protect your coating project.

  • How do I know if my product is a standard polyester chemistry? Polyester product codes start with a ‘P’
  • Standard polyester powders are an excellent interior product
  • Most standard polyester powders will deliver basic exterior durability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Some colors/special effects deliver more limited exterior technical performance. Ask for details!
  • Good impact resistant
  • Good flexibility
  • Good overbake resistance to yellowing
  • Very cost effective
  • Custom formulations available!

Polychem Super Durables

Some Polychem products are formulated with Super Durable Polyester resin. Super Durables are tough, weatherable and everything you want from an exterior coating.

  • How do I know if my product is a super durable polyester chemistry? Super Durable product codes start with a ‘S’.
  • Excellent exterior weathering*
  • Excellent salt and humidity resistance*
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • Very good value for money

*when compared to a standard polyester applied to aluminum

Polychem Urethanes & Hybrids

There are a few hybrid or urethane-based powders available through Polychem:

  • Urethanes may offer more limited exterior durability.
  • Urethane product codes start with a ‘U’
  • Hybrid product codes start with an ‘H’.

Polychem Primers

Powder primers deliver additional performance as a base layer. A primer is available in the OpenThrottle collection. The powder primer will add another layer of protection and deliver a smooth surface to apply the top coat to.

They are usually based on epoxy chemistry, delivering great technical performance but little weathering/color and gloss retention. Perfect as a base coat.

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